About the Ride Share

Welcome to the MUNSU Ride Share!

The Ride Share is a sustainability initiative of your Students' Union aimed at helping reduce carbon emissions of vehicles traveling to and from campus and other popular student destinations. Not only will the Ride Share assist you in finding a convenient, sustainable, and affordable ride to and from campus, but it will also help you coordinate out of town trips with others.

You can search locally, in our region, or across the country to find rides to any destination in Canada – and meet fellow students from coast to coast.

This service is wholly owned and operated by your Students' Union and the Canadian Federation of Students.


There is no cost to post a listing or search the listings using this service. Your Students' Union provides the forum with no fees for any participant. For each listing you post, you set your own price if any for the shared costs of a ride.


Set Up an Account

At the top right corner of the page, click the “Signup” button and complete the form as instructed. To log in at another time you will be asked for your Username (which is your email) and Password (which you set independently).

Post a Ride

Click on the “Add a New Listing” button above once logged in. From here, choose whether you are offering a ride or need one, and whether it is local or long distance. Fill in the required information in the form. For local rides, zones are predetermined.

Search for a Ride

Use the search bar (or Advanced Search) or click on the “Listings” button at the top of the page. Click whether you want to search locally, in the region, or nationally. A quick tip: if you cannot find a specific ride to your destination, try searching for rides originating in your city and you may find a ride that goes the same way. You can then arrange to take transit or other transportation to your final destination.


It is the responsibility of the users of the service to inform themselves of the Terms and Privacy Policy. Use of this service implies agreement and understanding of these Terms and Policies. Any questions related to the Ride Share should be directed to our office.