Welcome to the MUNSU Book Exchange!

With the ever-increasing cost of new textbooks, the Book Exchange is designed to help students like you to save money when you buy and sell used textbooks. The Book Exchange allows members to connect directly with each other through an online textbook "auction". Whether you are looking to make some money back by selling textbooks for classes you've completed, or looking to save some money by buying textbooks you need directly from fellow students, the Book Exchange is a great service for you! No middleman means lower prices and higher returns - the money stays in the hands of students.<...

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Welcome to the MUNSU Tutor Registry!

Are you in first or second year? Need a firmer grasp of concepts? Struggling with a course? The Tutor Registry can help. The Tutor Registry allows members connect directly online to offer or request tutoring services. Whether you are looking to make some money by offering help to others in your area of expertise, or need a little extra help yourself, the Tutor Registry is a great service for you!

Through the Canadian Federation of Students, the Tutor Registry has now gone national! You can search locally, in our region, or across the country to get the best tutor for you at...

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Welcome to the MUNSU Housing Registry!

The Housing Registry has been created to help you find a place to live (if you're a student) or post a place for rental (if you're a landlord).

The Housing Registry is a robust application that allows you to search or post rental accommodations. Everything you are looking for appears on the Listings tab near the top navigation. When you view the Listings page, any listings with address data will appear on the Google map. Keep in mind that if a landlord doesn't enter their address it will not appear on the map. Don't worry –you will see all postings (with or without...

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Welcome to the MUNSU Ride Share!

The Ride Share is a sustainability initiative of your Students' Union aimed at helping reduce carbon emissions of vehicles traveling to and from campus and other popular student destinations. Not only will the Ride Share assist you in finding a convenient, sustainable, and affordable ride to and from campus, but it will also help you coordinate out of town trips with others.

You can search locally, in our region, or across the country to find rides to any destination in Canada – and meet fellow students from coast to coast.

This service is wholly owned and operated by...

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Welcome to the Studentsaver Discount Program!

Students are slipping into more and more debt by the second. Increasing tuition and ancillary fees as well as living costs are putting a big dent in all of our pockets. That’s why the your Students’ Union is proud to be active in the national Studentsaver Discount program. This non-profit program, owned and operated by the Canadian Federation of Students, encourages local businesses to offer discounts to students.

The Studentsaver discount program hosts a wide variety of business across the Avalon region, the province, and Canada. No matter where you live in...

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